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Living Through March 11, 2011
- Words That Remember The Great East Japan Earthquake -

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This documentary was filmed in Ishinomaki, a city with a population of about 170,000 in Miyagi Prefecture, located on the Pacific coast in northeast Japan. The mega earthquake and tsunami on 11 March, 2011 devastated the city leaving 3,943 people dead or missing. Among them, 182 were elementary school children. With an earthquake and tsunami that no one had experienced, at that time, how did those at the school judge, handle, and act on the situation? What did the teachers do? How did the children react? What did the parents and family members of the children do? 37 people affiliated with Kadonowaki Elementary School in Ishinomaki were interviewed about the events of the day of March 11 from 2:46 to the following morning. (Screen time: 97 min.)

Production Crew: Miyagi Earthquake Film Production Committee
・Production Committee Head: Kazuo Abe
・Production Committee Administrator: Susumu Sato
・Editor: Masaru Muramoto  ・Cinematographer: Masafumi Ichinose
・Sound Recording: Osamu Takizawa  ・Music: Takuji Mori
・Assistant Director: Hideo Ozaki  ・Director: Kenji Aoike
・English Translation: Thomas Hammerlund, Makoto Sakai, Atsuko Hashimoto
・English Subtitles: Jeffrey Irish  ・Narration: Emma Howard

「3月11日を生きて」英語版 スコットランド上映会のおしらせ

Remember March 11th 3月11日を記憶に の企画の中で「3月11日を生きて」英語版が上映されます。!

会場 St Ninian’s Hall, Kirk O’Field Parish Church エディンバラ市内



3月11日(月)文化祭  18:00−21:00

Danubius Hotel Regents Park にて

18 Lodge Road, St John’s Wood  NW8 7JT

18:00−18:05 開会式

スピーチ  Nicolas Maclean of Pennycross CMC


18:05−19:05 日本文化紹介 by 田中 ソロウェイ 明美

19:05−19:20 震災孤児を支援するチャリティー団体紹介




19:20−20:55 映画鑑賞

Living Through March 11, 2011-

Words That Remember The Great East Japan Earthquake

20:55− 21:00 震災で亡くなった方々のため、2分間黙祷




◆9月9日(日)~21日(金) 連日11:00上映開始 



仙台市青葉区中央2-5-10 桜井薬局ビル3F お問い合わせ TEL.022-263-7868